Because YOU are our commitment

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Delivering you a level of real estate excellence for your buying, selling, renting and financial services needs is our purpose.

Warmth and quality in our commitment are the pillars of a differentiated relationship in a real estate world in constant evolution.

The 10 commitments of RED

1. We sell even the impossible.

2. We tell you how much your current house is worth through an exhaustive study.

3. Our priority is you, your home and your interests.

4. Our priority is you, your home and your interests.

5. We publish your property in more than 100 national and international portals.

6. Our professional photographer and virtual tour guarantee the best presentation of your home.

7. We speak your language and that of the end customer. More than 10 languages working for you.

8. Tax and financial legal advice tailored to your needs.

9. Continuous and personalized monitoring throughout the sales process.

10. YOUR SATISFACTION, our greatest commitment.

Quality Commitment

Because quality is priceless, YOU are our commitment.

Premium services for exclusive relationship

Because your house is worth it! At RED we understand that the level of commitment has to be reciprocal to achieve satisfaction and real estate excellence.


  • Professional photography
  • Presence in international portals
  • Segmented Campaigns
  • SEM campaigns
  • Regular Marketing Reports
  • Web Publishing
  • Featured section of the web
  • Virtual tour
  • TOP positioning in portals
  • Publication in Social Networks


  • Professional photography
  • Publication in Social Networks

Commitment... until the end

Because each client is different and each house has its history, we accompany our clients, both buyers and sellers, until the end of the transactional process, both in the enigmas of the steps of a transaction and in the labyrinths of the corresponding payments.

Together step by step.

There are 4 stepss in a property transaction process in Spain.
1. Signature of a purchase intention linked to the deposit of a signal, equivalent to 1% of the total value of the property, as a reservation. This document is not binding.
2. Acceptance of the conditions by both parties.
3. Drafting of a deposit contract, materialized by the deposit of 10% of the value of the property, in the account of the owner or a notary. The deposit contract can be made by the legal department of RED or by any lawyer trusted by the parties. The Arras contract is binding. The seller can keep 10% of the deposit if the buyer gives up. The buyer can claim 20% of the value of the property from the seller, if the seller withdraws.
4. As a result of the deposit contract, a deed of sale is signed before a notary public simultaneously with the payment of the rest of the value of the property and the act of transfer of ownership, materialized by the registration in the national property registry.
In addition to the support of RED experts, the parties may be accompanied by their respective attorneys throughout the transactional process.

Together, payment by payment.

In a fiscal and legal framework that is constantly changing, we detail below the main costs or withholdings that buyers and sellers will face, respectively, as a consequence of the transactional process.


  • Notary fee and Land Registry fees:
    Between 1,100 and 3,200
  • Patrimonial Transfer Tax (second-hand properties):
    From 1 to 400,000 EUR = 8% | From 400,001 to 600,000 EUR = 9% | From 600,001 to 1,000,000 EUR = 10% | From 1,000,001 onwards = 11%
  • 10% VAT for new properties
    The Property Transfer Tax is not paid on new properties, but they are subject to that 10% VAT. In the case of the purchase of a plot, commercial premises or garage, VAT goes from 10% to 21%.
  • New properties subject to VAT must pay Documented Legal Acts (1.2% of the purchase value)
  • In the event that the buyer is a foreigner not resident in Spain, it will be necessary to obtain a NIE (Foreign Identification Number) in order to carry out the sale. RED can support you in this administrative process.


  • Agency fees.
    Our fees range from 2% to 5% (VAT not included)
  • Municipal Capital Gain
    Calculated by the city council according to the cadastral value of the property.
    It ranges between 0 and 9,000 EUR.
  • Capital increase tax
    It will be paid to the Treasury with our personal income tax return. The amount will depend on the date of purchase and the acquisition price, but also on the date and price of the sale.
  • The cost of paying off the mortgage
    If you had one- of the property you are selling.

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